...trusting in God and the anointed leadership of District Elder Jerry Baldwin Sr. and Elder D. Edward Eubanks the saints looked to the spiritual growth of this great state.

The Wisconsin State Council, 12th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International Inc. was a dream of the late Honorary Bishop Jerry Baldwin Sr. In March of 1989 during the Annual Midwinter convention of the PCAF, the dream became a reality. The Wisconsin State District Council was born. Do to scheduling conflicts, the first council session was not held until November 1989. 

​There was a great excitement among the churches in Wisconsin. The saints were excited and little nervous about leaving our sister council, The Illinois State District council, where many of our members were actively involved. But, trusting in God and our anointed leadership of District Elder Jerry Baldwin Sr. and Elder D. Edward Eubanks the saints looked to the spiritual growth of this great state. 

Under the direction of our Diocesan, Bishop Gaston Staten Sr., District Elder Jerry Baldwin Sr., and Elder D. Edward Eubanks three churches 
Bethel Apostolic (Elder Edward Jones pastor), Bethlehem Temple of Kenosha (District Elder Jerry Baldwin Sr. pastor) and Faith Temple (Elder D. Edward Eubanks pastor) came together and the inaugural Wisconsin State council convened at Bethlehem Temple of Kenosha.  
Bishop Staten and the pastors decided that all officers of the council and auxiliaries would be appointed for the first two years. After the first two years of council, members would be given the power to elect their own officers. 
Original council officers were as follows:

District Elder Jerry Baldwin Sr. - Council Chairman
Elder D Edward Eubanks - Assistant Council Chairman

Sister Tonya D. Baldwin - Secretary 
Sister Anita Landry - Assistant Secretary
Elder Ernest Eubanks Sr. - Treasurer
Missionary Auxiliary
Evangelist Clarice Baldwin - Missionary Chairlady
Sister Ethel Eubanks - Assistant Chairlady

Sunday School Auxiliary
Elder Jerry Baldwin Jr. - Sunday School Chairman
Brother Elias Jones - Assistant Chairman

Wisconsin State Youth Organization
Minister Ernest Eubanks Sr. - Chairman
Sister Tonya D. Baldwin - Assistant Chairlady

The officers made the decision that the council would be held three times a year and that Bethlehem Temple of Kenosha, 2528 Roosevelt Road, Kenosha WI would be elected and still remains the council headquarters.
Present day, the Wisconsin State District Council continues to grown and thrive as it expands its territory across state lines. The council serves members in five states to include Wisconsin, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Across these teritories, eleven churches are established aiding in the mission of this council, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will have an ear to hear. Having obtained help from the Lord the Wisconsin State Council continues until this day.